Time to pack up!!! Your trip is near. Make sure you save some luggage space for this important item when you travel! This Smart World Travel Adapter is an ideal travel companion.

The Smart World Travel Adapter is all you'll ever need to plug your gadgets and other electronic devices in when traveling overseas. It covers around 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AUS plugs and Powerful Dual USB Ports. This device works in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and many other overseas destinations. It's the perfect power charging solution for your worldwide travels.

☑️ Features/Description

Certified and Safe: This Smart World Travel Adapter certified safety systems with safety 6.3 Amp fuse to ensure complete protection for you and your devices. Built-in safety shutters protect users from the direct touch of the live parts on the socket outlet.

√. Super lightweight and compact: It is 115g that equals to the weight of a computer mouse. It is so compact that rests well in the palm of your hand, and it takes very little space in your luggage/bags for frequent travelers.

√. All in one travel adapter – 100-240V: Whether you want to go for a travel to UK, Europe, US, AUS, some other tourist resorts, go for business trips or study abroad as exchange students. For traveling to 150+ countries worldwide, you only have to bring this little travel adapter and all is ready to go. Be noted it is not a volts converter.

√. 2 Additional USB ports: The adapter comes with USB indicator, and the 2 USB ports + 1 outlet can handle your smartphones, tablets, fan, GOPRO, and some other electrical necessities. Each USB port delivers up to 2.5A (USB ports share 6.3A in total), that you can handle 2 iPads at a time without any problem.

√. Backup fuse: 2 built-in safety fuses. When you plugged in too many high-power electrical appliances and burn the 1st fuse down (that happens), the backup fuse then starts working. We all hate being interrupted by sudden electricity blackout when we are working.

√. Safety outlets shutters: For the outlets part, we have safety shutters built-in. It is very important especially for kids and elders who may lack the awareness of electricity usage. It offers another protection against potential fire incident. Safer and reassured.

Quite simply the best choice available! The Smart World Travel Adapter is your answer to those power despairs frequently encountered while traveling abroad. You'll have superior compatibility at your fingertips, no matter where you are. You can charge your devices and stay connected anytime with the Smart World Travel Adapter.
☑️ Specification

☑️ Package Included

1 x Smart World Travel Adapter
1 x Storage Bag
1 x User Manual

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