If you were looking for a good sleeping mask with additional features, your search is over! This eye mask is made of memory cotton – a breathable and soft material, ideal for wearing all night long. The shading effect is amazing and you will be sleeping like a baby!

The design of the mask is also astonishing! The product will fit around your nose perfectly and you can easily adjust the length of the strap. You can easily take out all the cords and speakers and wash the mask when needed.

The mask is compatible with most smart devices – phones, tablets, and PCs. It will be charged in just two hours and the battery will last throughout the night. Controls for turning the volume up or down are placed on the side of the mask - you can adjust the sound without taking the mask off.

☑️ Features/Description


This Bluetooth Music Sleeping Eye Mask Headset completely blocks out the light to sleep faster and better, allows you to enjoy your favorite music without additional earphones, music world for you only and no noise disturbance to your roommates or spouse. 

It helps you sleep easier and improves your sleep quality tremendously no matter for daily use or air travel. If you're a light sleeper or those struggling with insomnia, this one will definitely help! Great for Sleeping, Relaxation, Air Travel, Meditation, and Insomnia.

Sleep in a light blocked world whenever and wherever. Perfect for air travel, relaxation, meditation, insomnia.


Bluetooth music sleeping eye mask headset is made of ultra-soft velvet; The padding inside will help enhance the comfortability while loading on your face; Extra comforting pad that goes over the bridge of your nose will keep light all out, helping make a completely shaded glare-free environment for quickly and peacefully entering into sweet dream; Cotton fabric liner without stitching makes way for Bluetooth module to take out when time to wash. 


Advanced Bluetooth V4.2 not only provides you easy, fast and stable pairing and connection with the phone but also consumes much less power! About 2-2.5hours' charging gain approximately 8 hours' playing! Wireless technology allows you to listen to music in a cordless way,  you'll never be corded and regularly waked up resulting from the cord wrapped around your neck. 


Universally fit 19"-25". Shading area of eye mask long for 18.5"/47cm from left to right is slightly elastic, the patched hook-and-loop strap is of high stretchability, can be stretched and quickly closed via hook-n-loop closure at any point that fits your head snugly. 

Furthermore, both speakers are not fixed, the wiring in between is sturdy yet gives you a way to adjust speaker location that precisely positioned to your ear place to hear better.

1. Completely shaded, no light irritation while sleeping 
2. Supports hands-free call
3. Bluetooth Music
4. High-Quality Lossless Stereo Sound
5. Built-in large rechargeable battery, more than 8hours' playtime
6. USB rechargeable 
7. LED indicator For Working Status
8. Washable: easily take out the speaker down and replace back so that you could always clean it up
9.  Easy to use and operate

Bluetooth Music Play Instruction:
1. Press once PLAY/STOP button
2. Start playing, press once again
3. Long press Vol- will constantly reduce the volume to minimum, a 'di di di' sound will be heard when reaches the minimum level
4. Long press Vol+ will constantly increase Volume to the max, a ' di di di' sound will be heard when reaches max level

Bluetooth Handfree:
1. Incoming call, press once PLAY/STOP Button for auto receives a call.
2. Incoming call, press and hold PLAY/STOP Button for 3 sec to reject a call.
3. During a call, long press PLAY/STOP Button for 3 sec to switch to a mobile device.
press. PLAY /STOP Button again for 3 sec will switch back to an earphone.

1. Open the Bluetooth in your phone and match with Bluetooth name "BT-FAAH"
2. It can be washable when taking out the Bluetooth module.
3. Both speakers are not fixed, can adjust placement accordingly based on your size
4. Please adjust the volume from your mobile or Long press Vol+ from Bluetooth if you can't hear any music.
5. The sound may have a bit noisy if there's environmental interference
☑️ Specification

1. Charging Time: 2-2.5 hours
2. Bluetooth continuous working Time: more than 8 Hours
3. Power/Handfree/Stop/Play
4. Vol Up/Next
5. Vol Down/previous
6. Main Material: velvet
7. Size: 18.5inch/47cm x 4.5inch/11.5cm (Not include the elactic band)
8. Color: Grey | Black

☑️ Package Included

1 x Bluetooth music sleeping eye mask headset
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Manual
1 x Pouch
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