Pamper and clean yourself with our organic and convenient Back Scrubber. It is a long sash-like loofah, which allows you to scrub and reach your back when taking a bath. It's a great tool to exfoliate hard to reach areas of your body.

☑️ Features/Description
  • Durable organic materials.
  • Gentle to skin exfoliation.
  • It allows faster and easier whole-body exfoliation.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Stretchable and soft fabric.
Other information:

1. Natural loofah material, the back towel fabric is soft and comfortable 
2. Taking a bath, clean body and rub back, can effectively remove the dust on the surface of the skin, wipe away the redundant grease in the pore, for acne and other skin diseases have a very good curative effect 
3. Often used for massage, natural cotton and hemp friction stimulates acupoint, which can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and enhance immunity 
4. Pure natural plant fiber, display type friction arrangement, clean the back of each part, use more comfortable.

Usage tips: 
  • After use, wash the bath towel with water, and dry them to prevent bacterial breeding, and prolong the lifetime. 
  • Products should not be exposed to open fire. 
☑️ Specification

Material: pure cotton + natural loofah 
Packing size: 30 x 8cm/11.81 x 3.15'' 
Product weight: 51g 
Product use: wash body, rub back, massage 

☑️ Specification

1 piece Back Scrubber
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