Want to completely feel your mouth clean and fresh? Get rid of bad odors and bacteria with this Tongue Scraper!

Why use a tongue cleaner?
Tongue cleaners are more effective than toothbrushes for cleaning your tongue. This stainless steel tongue cleaner has a smooth surface and a curved design which makes it easier for you to clean the entire length of your tongue. 

Toothbrushes are not designed to clean your tongue in this way, which is why using a tongue cleaner should be part of your daily dental hygiene routine. Using a tongue cleaner helps to prevent the build-up of plaque, bacteria and keeps breath smelling fresher.

Stainless steel tongue cleaners are an ideal choice as they do not contain plastic which is damaging to the environment. Plastic can take as long as 1,000 years to decompose and 185 pounds of it are thrown away by Americans each year. 

The result is the pollution of the planet. Choosing this stainless steel tongue cleaner means that you can keep your tongue clean while also protecting the planet at the same time.

☑️ Features/Description

With this tongue scraper tool, you can rid your tongue of all the gunk which accumulates each day that brushing your teeth simply cannot remove. The result is fewer bacteria in your mouth, fresher breath, and a cleansed feeling like no other. Without gag reflex!

Since rubber handles can induce mold, we built our tongue cleaner of 100% surgical-grade stainless steel – up to and including the handle.No plastic at all.

Our stainless steel tongue scraper is the perfect size to fit any mouth. The ergonomic handle makes it a breeze to twist and turn the tool to get maximum coverage of your tongue – no matter the size. When you’re done, simply rinse it under hot water.

☑️ Specification

Size: Approx 5.3*2.3in
Material: Stainless steel
Quality: 100% Brand New & high quality
Color: As the pictures shows

☑️ Package Included

 1 x Tongue Scraper

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